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Providing Internet Access at Home for Students in Need

Total Amount Funded: $97,817.11 ·  Total NPSD Students Served: 194


We have raised $42,138.09 of our $41,250.00  goal.

The Launch of Digital Age Learning at NPSD

In 2016, NPSD launched its Digital Age Learning initiative which provided personal Chromebooks for every secondary student grades 6-12 in the district. Chromebooks are used daily in school with the option to bring devices home for continued studies and projects. By expanding curriculum digitally and providing students with devices, the district knew this also meant that students would need access to the internet at home to continue this work.

Unfortunately for some families, this was not a simple task. After researching the need in our community and the most cost-effective, functional devices to provide this service, the district called upon the NPSD Educational Foundation.

What We Provided

The Kajeet SmartSpot®, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot combined with the innovative filtering and mobile device controls, enables schools and districts to provide CIPA-compliant, customizable filtered Internet access that keeps students focused on school work and provides Internet connectivity outside of school.

65 Kajeet SmartSpot Devices · $3,900
10-month Service Agreement for 65 devices · $13,000

Each school year, the Foundation continues to fund 10 months of service for Kajeet SmartSpots.

Cost Per Student

  • 1 Kajeet SmartSpot serves 1 student.
  • Initial cost of device ($60) + service per student ($200) for one school year = $260.
  • Service per student for one school year = $200.

Total Amount Funded Prior to Distance Learning

Increased Need during COVID-19 Distance Learning

As part of NPSD's Digital Age Learning initiative, in-school devices for are also provided for students grades K-5. These devices are used in school only, so elementary level students did not previously require internet access at home.

Since NPSD's closure due to COVID-19 on March 12, the district has deployed 4,500 additional devices to meet new educational standards through distance learning. As the number of students with devices at home has nearly doubled, so has the need for internet access. The district has been working diligently to identify and connect with families in need of this service during the COVID-19 school closure. So far, nearly 100 families have been identified.

What We Are Providing

The T-Mobile Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot is an easy-to-install, extended high-speed LTE internet device that provides a secure, personal network to service an entire family of students with just one device. Due to high demand during nationwide distance learning, the previously used Kajeet SmartSpots were unavailable.

150 T-Mobile Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot · $11,250
1 Year Service Agreement for 125 devices · $30,000

Cost Per Distance Learning Family

  • 1 T-Mobile Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot serves an entire family of distance learners.
  • Initial cost of device ($75) + service per distance learner(s) ($240) for one school year = $315.
  • Service per distance learner(s) for one school year = $240.

To date, 108 T-Mobile Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspots have been distributed to families, serving 129 students in grades K-12. This number combined with the 65 Kajeet SmartSpots already in use means that the NPSD Educational Foundation has provided funding for 194 distance learners in the North Penn School District.

Total Amount Funded for Distance Learning

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