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As we approach the end of the school year, many parents wish to show their appreciation to a special teacher, principal or staff member by offering a small gift. Imagine a way to recognize the impact teachers and staff have made in your child’s life, while also providing innovative programs and resources to all students in the North Penn School District. Did we mention it would save you time on brainstorming and shopping?

Our Staff Tribute Program shows your appreciation to staff by paying it forward to every student in the NPSD every day and for years to come.

By making a gift to the NPSD Educational Foundation in the name of a special staff member, you are supporting our mission to motivate and inspire North Penn students and staff through innovative projects and opportunities that enhance educational experiences and resources. The staff member(s) that you choose to honor will receive a card informing them of your kindness and a certificate to display in their classroom or office. Your gift is tax-deductible and will be recognized by the Foundation.

This program is endorsed by the North Penn School District administration, the North Penn Education Association and the North Penn Educational Support Personnel Association.

The NPSD Educational Foundation was established in 1988 to raise funds for innovative and creative educational programs to improve our students’ overall educational experience. The Foundation has been pivotal in providing the necessary technology equipment and back to school supplies to families in need during the height of the pandemic when schools closed and students began learning virtually. It is because of the donations from people like you, the Foundation is able to provide this vital support. In addition, the Foundation continues to fulfill its mission of providing classroom grants.

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